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No need to pre-register for group classes, just show up and get registered at class! If you have any questions, call or text Gabia at (905) 396-0572.
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Weekly Classes on Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays

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Adult Social Dance Classes

In conjunction with “Cobourg Swing & Lindy Hop”

Adult Dance Lessons

Street Latin & Swing


Beginners & Intermediate Classes


Beginners & Intermediate Classes


Beginners & Intermediate Classes

Student Reviews

My fiance and I were planning a 50’s themed wedding so, of course we wanted to learn swing for our first dance! Gabia taught us to dance – and not a choreographed, repetitive dance – but *real* partnered, in the moment dance, in 2 months. That’s talent! Gabia went above and beyond our expectations. We would highly recommend her expertise and commend her for being able to teach us so quickly. Thank you again Gabia!

Mark & Tamara Cobourg
Mark & Tamara

I stumbled into a Swing dancing class of Gabia’s after a lifetime of being a non-dancer. Her skills at both dancing and teaching, her obvious joy at being able to pass on her passion to others, and her desire to dance at every opportunity with both dancers and dancers-to-be, make it impossible to stop going back for more. She is a true inspiration and a great example of the many ways that dancing can enhance ones life.

John Aisbitt Cobourg
John Aisbitt

The regularity of the classes is perfect since I tend to forget moves if not practiced regularly. I love the fact that I do not need a partner, and that I can just show up and learn new steps. I also enjoy rotating and dancing with different partners during the classes. The best part is Gabia herself as instructor. She puts us all at ease with learning something new in front of strangers.

Beth Rhind Roseneath
Beth Rhind

Gabia is an exceptional Dance Teacher and a choreographer. In every class she teaches, the students learn and become fluent in moves that seemed to be impossible to perform before she walked them through every step. She has a talent to inspire people to dance and enjoy dancing.

Mikhail Ioff Cobourg
Mikhail Ioff

Flexible Payment Options

Get Your Dance Cards Here For Only $120!

We utilize Dance Cards as a super flexible way for students to enjoy our classes. Simply purchase a 10-Lesson Dance Card & start a course or mix & match lessons. Perfect for those who:

  • take Gabia’s courses start-to-finish
  • doing more than one type of dance class
  • need a flexible schedule
  • share with a partner

Dance Cards are only $120, which includes 10 dance lessons!

Prefer pay as you go? No problem. Pay at the door for only $15 per class!

Dance Card Instructions

When you purchase a Dance Card through this website, simply fill out your details, print the receipt & bring your receipt to class to get your physical Dance Card.

Dance Cards get clipped at each lesson, so you’re not losing lessons when you can’t make it to a class.

We currently accept multiple forms of payment including PayPal, interac e-transfer, and cash at the door. We do not handle or store credit card details.

Special Note: For beginners with no prior dance experience, it’s recommended to start with the first class of the course. Please call us at (905) 396-0572 or fill out our Contact Form for class start info.

Private Lessons

Book Private Dance Lessons with Gabia Antony!

In-Person Private Lessons

Whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced dancer, schedule an in-person coaching session with Gabia.


In-Person coaching provides a more interactive experience

Get assistance specific to your needs for accelerated learning

Online Private Lessons

Whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced dancer, schedule an online session via Zoom with Gabia.


Learn from anywhere with convenient online coaching sessions

Stay active and connected while you practice social distancing

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Meet The Instructor

Gabia Antony

Gabia has been an instructor & owned a dance school for numerous years, first in Australia & now in Canada. A dedicated teacher of various social dance styles including Street Latin, 50’s Rock n’ Roll, West Coast Swing & Lindy Hop, her passion for dancing is obvious & infectious. These fun & relaxed partner dances, suited for all ages, are a great way to exercise & socialize.

About Gabia

Gabia was passionate about dancing since she was a child, but it was when she discovered Swing that her dance passion was truly ignited. She was fortunate to be a part of the initial resurgence of Lindy Hop, having the privilege of taking several workshops with Franky Manning himself. She went on to win many competitions, both as an amateur & professional in a variety of swing dance styles, passing on her passion to others when she commenced teaching.

Later, when Street Latin began to emerge as a popular social dance, Gabia soon fell for the excitement & earthy expression of these night club dances & added them to her teaching syllabus.

In Australia, Gabia drew the local dance communities together by organizing Social Dance Events, Workshops & Competitions, which brought in people from all around the country. A highlight of her dancing life was being chosen to dance in the opening ceremony of the 2000 Olympic Games.

When Gabia moved to Canada a number of years ago, she couldn’t find any adult social dance classes for Swing or Street Latin in her area, so she decided to start teaching again. The classes have grown in popularity as more & more people discover the joy of partner dancing & have the opportunity to practice their new skills at the many social events that are now on offer in the area.

Gabia empathizes with people’s nervousness of learning to dance as an adult, so she works hard to create a comfortable, supportive & friendly environment for learning, knowing that with practice & patience anyone can become a confident dancer. Her goal is to bring the joy of dance to as many people as possible. Both singles & couples enjoy the classes & social benefits of this wonderful pastime.

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